Articles & Application Notes.

iSWAB vs Sponge
Longer gDNA Stability, Lower Bacterial DNA Contamination, and Greater Cost Efficiency; The Choice is Yours

Buccal Cells, not Saliva
– 20% – 46% of the Population Suffers from Dry Mouth: Saliva Collection is not a Universal Sample Collection Tool
– Invasive vs Non-Invasive – DNA quality downstream
– Conference: Qatar Foundation Annual Research Conference, At Doha, Qatar, Volume: Second, 2014

Next Generation Sequencing
– Invasive vs Non-Invasive – DNA quality downstream
– iSWAB Poster  Epigenomics 2016
– HLA Typing with PacBio Single Molecule Sequencing Technology from iSWAB-Discovery

Epigenomics and Methylation
iSWAB Poster  Epigenomics 2016

HLA Sequencing Based Typing
HLA Typing with PacBio Single Molecule Sequencing Technology from iSWAB-Discovery

– iSWAB-ID AAFS 2018 Presentation
– Maximizing the amount of DNA recovered: a study of Mawi DNA Technologies’ iSWAB-ID collection device for forensic science application
– AAFS Poster Mawi-2016
– Superior Forensic STR Profiling with iSWAB-ID

Mawi Sample Prep for Direct PCR or RT-PCR

Detection of Frataxin using iSWAB-Protein UAB
Paper: Detection of Oxidative Stress in Buccal Cells using iSWAB Tubes

Animal Speciation and Genetics
iSWAB-Vet Poster

Automation Compatibility
– High-Yield Automated gDNA Isolation using Perkin Elmer chemagic Technology
– Extraction automation on Hamilton Star with Omega Purification Kit (video)
– Automated Extraction of iSWAB with Omega and Hamilton
Extraction of iSWABs with SPRI
– Biomek Compatibility Guide
– Qiagen QiaSymphony (Custom method # B400_CR21913, Contact Qiagen Apps team)

Products in Development
– A Pilot Study to Investigate the Feasibility of Transporting Saliva Samples at Room Temperature with MAWI Cell Stabilization Buffer

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