Coming Soon: iSWAB for Microbiome Studies

Mawi DNA Technologies extends its iSWAB technology into microbiome research. Our upcoming new product iSWAB-Microbiome (MB) is a non-lytic system that enables ambient collection and transport of various biosamples, while maintaining the status quo at the time of collection.

iSWAB-MB provides  a representative snapshot of the microbial community that remains unchanged between collection to processing of oral, gut/fecal, skin, vaginal, and soil samples. Purified DNA or RNA isolated from collected samples are compatible with qPCR, microarray and NGS based applications.


Highlighted Features:

iSWAB-MB has been designed to maintain all microbial cells intact and viable for several weeks at room temperature to preserve the microbial presentation from time of collection to processing. This is done without the need for cold chain transport and storage, hazardous organic solvent fixatives, or detergents. The microbial community within the sample will remain in stasis and can only be re-grown if removed from the iSWAB-MB environment and subjected to nutrient media supporting microbial growth.

We offer pre-launch samples for early access, if interested  please contact