Collect – Stabilize – Concentrate – Transport –  Store:  All in a Single Tube

Mawi DNA Technologies has overcome the problems of low recovery, high bacterial content, sheared DNA, and excessive resampling costs common to most current non-invasive sample collection methods.  The innovative design of the iSWAB™ collection device allows the release of cells captured from any swab into a proprietary lysis and stabilizing buffer. iSWAB-DNA Datasheet

Improved Oral Sampling

  • Self or assisted collection
  • Suitable for all age groups as well as animals
  • Reduces the need for resampling
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Superior Performance

  • 10-30µg DNA yield
  • <1% bacterial DNA contamination
  • Double-stranded, long-fragmented DNA
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Research Applications

  • Genetic Analysis
  • Epigenetics Research
  • Forensics
  • Animal Speciation
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iSWAB Attributes

High Genomic DNA Yield. Comparison of Average gDNA Yields Isolated From Different Collection Methods – DNA Concentration (µg/sample)
iSWAB DNA ~30µg
Blood DNA ~30µg
Saliva ~12µg*normalized
Buccal Swab ~1µg to 2µg

Latest News


University of Alabama utilizes Mawi’s iSWAB-Protein buccal cell collection device for the detection of the mitochondrial protein Frataxin

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Mawi DNA Technologies announces technology partnerships with leading suppliers

Mawi has teamed up with leading suppliers to enhance iSWAB performance and broaden its applications. Copan: FLOQ swabsTM have been... Read More →

Non-invasive Second Generation Bio-sampling technology (Benta group)

Kuwait Medical Genetics Centre will be organizing the above lectures on Tuesday 29th of March 2016 at 11:00PM in the... Read More →

Copan FLOQSwabs™ and Mawi’s iSWAB Compatibility

Mawi DNA Technologies has developed the iSWAB system, a non-invasive sample collection technology that delivers 10 – 30mg of DNA... Read More →

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