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The innovative design of the iSWAB® collection device allows the release of cells captured from any swab into a proprietary lysis and stabilizing buffer.

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Our Mission

Mawi DNA Technologies, founded in 2013, has developed and commercialized the iSWAB® technology, an innovative system for collection of biosamples. Mawi is a global leader in non-invasive sample collection with the main objective of simplifying genomics and proteomics workflows. Our mission is to uphold sample integrity from anywhere in the world at room temperature, enabling true sample diversity across any geography or population segment.

At Mawi, The Future of Biosampling is Here™.

Collect – Release – Transport: All in a Single Tube

Mawi DNA Technologies has overcome the problems of low recovery, high bacterial content, sheared DNA, and excessive resampling costs common to most current non-invasive sample collection methods. The innovative design of the iSWAB® collection device allows the release of cells captured from any swab into a proprietary lysis and stabilizing buffer. These integrated DNA technologies allow for sample collection, release, and transport all in a single tube.

iSWAB® has been designed to address low DNA recovery and quality.

iSWAB® has been designed to address the issues of low DNA recovery and quality, high bacterial DNA content, high cost, and processing issues that current non-invasive sample collection approaches suffer from. The innovative design of iSWAB® allows for the removal of the cells captured by the swab and then release into a proprietary mammalian cell-specific lysis and nucleic acid stabilizing buffer. The combination of the mechanistic release of cells and proprietary lysis buffer allows for the collection of a high amount of cells in a concentrated manner from one or more swabs in a small amount of lysis buffer while yielding significantly lower bacterial contamination.

The iSWAB® collection system is designed to facilitate self or assisted swab-based sample collection and concentration from a single or multiple swabs into a single tube for room temperature transport and long term storage. In addition the iSWAB® collection system is optimized for both manual and common automated sample preparation liquid handling workstations without the need for additional accessories.

Challenges that are present with other methods

The use of swabs (buccal, nasopharyngeal, wound, etc. ) for non-invasive sample collection is well established. However, the current sample collection process using swabs either allows for the collection and transport of a single swab in a specialized transport medium or the sample is collected by using two swabs at the most and then transported in a mail envelope. This sample collection process not only compromises the integrity of the sample, but in many cases results in low sample output making it not ideal for downstream applications such as immune or genomics-based assays.

Specialized saliva collection is another non-invasive sample collection method that is starting to be a preferred method over buccal swab and traditional mouth wash collection methods. Even though saliva collection allows for high recovery of human genomic DNA, the cost of the saliva collection devices, length of collection time, collection compliance, processing (automation) and storage remain major obstacles towards further adoption of this method to challenge blood sample collection.

We Were Featured on NBC News!

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We are proud to announce that our President and CTO, Dr. Bassam El-Fahmawi, PhD. was interviewed by NBC News Bay Area reporter Bigad Shaban regarding our iSWAB® sample collection tube innovation. The primary purpose of the interview was to discuss its impact on coronavirus testing.

We’ve sold half a million iSWAB®-Microbiome sample collection tubes in the past 2 months. This product has received Emergency Use Authorization by the FDA in conjunction with customer’s tests, and businesses and government agencies in more than a dozen U.S. states and in a number of foreign countries, including Italy, Spain, Iceland, Mexico and Sweden are using iSWAB®-Microbiome for COVID-19 sample collection.

Click here to view the article written by NBC about MawiDNA.