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The innovative design of our iSWAB biosample collection products allow for release of cells captured from almost any swab into a proprietary buffer. iSWAB samples can be used for simple or complex applications in multiomics-based analysis.

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MAWI’s kits have been a huge hit with the orang-utan keepers who tested them out! We are so impressed – and very grateful! – for MAWI’s innovations. I think this is going to be great moving forward.

Dr. Graham


Review of iSWAB-Animal

This device was fun, it even came with a little game to make the word swab disappear. Fun for the whole family. Use of a mirror is helpful during collection. I liked this collection method. Really liked this one. Easy to use, good instructions, etc. No concerns! This was the most pleasant saliva collection device I've used so far. I liked this one. Average rating of 4.0 out of 4; and 9 out of 10 volunteers recommended the use of this device.

Andrew Ph.D.

Laboratory Services and Partnership Development Director

Review of iSWAB-DNA

We use MAWI SWAB Microbiome-EL because it allows us to COVID-19 test community partners who can test offsite and safely transport tests tubes to our facilities


Procurement Scientist

Review of iSWAB-Microbiome

Fantastic Service!


Service Manager

Review of Customer Service

Amazing support


Project Manager

Review of Customer Service

It’s super helpful to have a product like iSWAB Animal DNA Collection Kit because it selectively preserves vertebrate DNA above bacteria DNA.

Dr. JJ

Lead Scientist and Founder

Review of iSWAB-Animal

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We have overcome the problems of low recovery, high bacterial content, low quality DNA, and excessive resampling costs common to most current sample collection methods.


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