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Biobag with absorbent


Easy and hygienic collection of human fecal samples.
Small, light-weight, and flushable
Lower cost compared to standard methods.


Feces Catcher is a strip of paper that fits onto any toilet seat. It allows for an easy method to collect fecal samples for further testing. Compatible with iSWAB™-Microbiome-FecesCatcher

FecesCatcher 1 sheet


Fecal/Stool Sample Collection

Product Description

The FecesCatcher (Stool Trap) is a hygienic, easy to use, biodegradable fecal stool sample collection device, which consists of a piece of flushable paper with two adhesive strips to secure to the toilet seat. Instructions are printed directly onto each Feces Catcher for ease of use. By sticking the adhesive strips on to the toilet seat, the stool is safe from possible sources of contamination, such as residual bleach, urine, etc. For ease of use and added hygiene, the Feces Catcher can be flushed after use

Intended Use

iSWAB-Microbiome with FecesCatcher is intended to effectively and hygienically collect stool samples at home.

Indication for Use (from IFU)

iSWAB™-Microbiome with FecesCatcher collection device is a non-invasive, non-toxic sample collection technology intended for stable ambient transport and storage of microbial DNA and RNA from various fecal samples. Purified microbial DNA or RNA isolated from collected samples are compatible with qPCR, microarray, and NGS for microbiome research in health, wellness, and forensics.

Storage and Stability

Store in dry and clean surface.


For external use only. This product is a specimen collection device for biological samples.